15 Things To Think About When Picking A Clipper Or Trimmer

15 Things To Think About When Picking A Clipper Or Trimmer

People often come up to me to ask, “What clippers should I get?”. This is sort of a silly question because what your needs are, are quite different to my needs. Because of that I’ve put together 15 things you should be thinking about when deciding on your next clipper or trimmer.


Some clippers or trimmers may be too little or too big when held in your hand. Make sure to find something you can hold comfortably.


Most clippers or trimmer have either a plastic or metal housing. Plastic may be more prone to breaking if dropped on the floor while metal is not broken as easily. Some clipper or trimmers have a combination of both metal and plastic. Find the one that best suits your needs.

Power button/switch 

You need to consider where the power button/switch is located on your clipper or trimmer. Some companies put the power button/switch in a spot that forces you to hold the clipper in an awkward position. It’s effortless to cut hair when the power button/switch is easily accessible.


It is important that the lever/adjustment is easily accessible. If you’re left handed, you may want a clipper or trimmer that has the adjustment in the middle rather than the left side.


There is a variety of grips made out of different materials. However some clippers or trimmers do not include any type of grip which may lead to the tool slipping out of your hand. It is also important to keep in mind that some grips may create irritation to the skin if held for a long period of time.


When looking for a clipper or trimmer, it is important to consider the motor. Clipper and trimmer motors can be used to cut dry, wet, fine, medium and corse hair. Particular motor types will be better suited for certain cutting tasks. It all depends the clients hair texture and whether you like to cut wet and or dy.

SPM or RPM (Strokes per minute / Revolutions Per Minute) 

The SPM/RPM indicates how fast the clipper or trimmer blade is moving. A lot of people like to purchase the clipper or trimmer with the fastest blade speed. Keep in mind the faster two metal blades rub against each other, heat is created due to friction. If the blades get too hot, it can irritate and or burn the clients skin. Some barbers/stylists like to use a ceramic blade because ceramic will not heat up as quickly as a metal blade.


Clippers or trimmers with a metal housing tend to be heavier in weight apposed to ones with a plastic housing. Some also have a combination of metal and plastic housing. Just keep in mind how long you will be working. It may bother you to work with a heavy tool if you are working long hours. If your clipper or trimmer is too light, some find it awkward and uncomfortable. It is up to you to decided what works best for you.


You need to consider whether you prefer a corded or cordless tool. Corded equipment usually has more power than cordless, but cordless equipment is free of any wires. When a tool has a wire, you are restricted by length and you may trip or get tangled with the cord.

Run & Charge Time 

It is important to recognize what the run and charge time is for your cordless equipment. We recommend that you have a clipper or trimmer which has at least the same run time as it does charge time. If you are in a fast paced shop, you don’t want to wait two hours to only have use of your equipment for an hour. If you find a clipper or trimmer where the charge time is less than the run time, that is your best bet. Some people like to have two of the same clippers and charge one while the other is in use, this way you’re always ready to cut hair.

Charging indicator 

A charging indicator will let you know when the clipper or trimmer is fully charged or is about to die. Some clippers and trimmers include this while others don’t. It is up to you to decide if this is a necessary feature or not. 


Most equipment companies in the hair industry will feature tools such as electric shavers, trimmers, clippers as well as other haircutting and styling tools. Some companies use the same charger for all of the tools in their line. Other companies have different chargers for each tool which will lead you to using several outlets. Barbers/Stylists that travel usually prefer one charger for all their tools rather than packing multiple different chargers.


Some clippers and trimmers allow you to zero gap the blade, sharpen the blade and use different types of blades on a tool that doesn’t come with it. Other clippers and trimmers don’t allow you to modify them in any way.

Type of blade

There are many types of blades. Some of the different blades on the market include wide, narrow, tattoo, staggered tooth, fade, and taper as well as many others. Wider blades are great for covering a large area but some people like to use narrower blades such as a tattoo blade for detailed designs. Fade blades get closer to the skin while taper blades are more rounded to help with your C stroke motion. It is easier to leave harsh fade lines with a fade blade apposed to a taper blade.


Some clippers and trimmers come with innovative upgrades to make them stand out from the rest.

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