About Us

Photo of Tyler Kelbert
Tyler Kelbert Co-Founder
Photo of Daniel Rubio
Daniel Rubio Co-Founder

Our Story

In 2018 Tyler Kelbert launched the first ever A Cut Above The Rest Event after he saw a need for continuing education for barber and beauty professionals in Utah. The event was a huge success and inspired him to team up with Mike Canales, of Cutthroat Barbershop, to launch the first every Beauty and Barber expo in Utah. Again with huge success.

In that journey to launch the Expo, Tyler reached out to an old friend named Daniel Rubio to help out with the website and content. After long hours of hard work and a successful event. They both came together and decided that together they could help spread the greater knowledge not only about the hair industry but essential skills any business professional in the modern world should have.

We’re talking about digital literacy skills. Things that not only grow your business but your brand and so A Cut Above the Rest Academy was born.

Meet Our Instructors

Brett Kelly

Victory Brand Products and Wahl educator. Co-owner of Gentlemen’s Barbershop. 

Daniel Rubio

Weber State University graduate. UVU Digital Content Producer and Taco lover. 

Tyler Kelbert

Co-founder of Salt Lake Beauty and Barber Expo. Barber instructor at Ogden Weber Technical College and Weber State University graduate. 

Raymond Dodson

Multi-published photographer based in Wichita Kansas.

Logan Malan

Weber State University graduate. Full-time graphic designer specializing in small business branding.

Our Mission to You

We want to bring you the most modern techniques of the trade while teaching you the skills you need to stand out from the rest.