My Favorite Hair Products!

My Favorite Hair Products!

I think it is essential to have good products at your back bar as well as good products to sell to your clients. I’ve tried a lot of different products in my eight years of cutting hair. I think every barber needs a good pomade, salt spray, pre/post shave product, blow dry lotion, cutting lotion, shine spray, tool disinfectant and hair spray, . I have made a list below of the products that I love and have continued to use at the barbershop.

Johnny B Gem Dry Oil Micro Mist

There is a lot of different shine sprays on the market but this is the only one I have found for men. I don’t know why more mens product lines don’t create a shine spray. There are lots of male clients who love the shinny look but none of them want to smell like a women. This particular shine spray works great and I love the fact that its in an aerosol container. You can also use this product for shaving because it contains conditioning properties that help moisturize and soften hair. Make sure to hold it 8 to 10 inches away from the clients head and apply to dry hair.

Loma Nourishing Oil Treatment

I got introduced to this product when I started cosmetology school. I used it before blowing a female client at the school and I was amazed at the result. The hair looked so healthy, smooth and had lots of shine. And I did this after a color! You would never thought her hair was damaged at all. After that moment I was hooked, I have continued to use it on all of my female clients. It’s hands down my favorite blow dry lotion/ thermal protectant. Make sure to apply 1-2 pumps to clean damp hair and style as needed. You can use to on dry hair as well to get maximum shine. It provides protection to up to 450 degrees.

Got2b Glued Freeze Spray

I saw a hairstyle on instagram that was styled with a “freeze spray”. I had never heard of a freeze spray at the time but I knew I wanted to get one after seeing this awesome hairstyle on instagram. I asked one of my co-workers at the school I teach at and she recommended “Got to be glued freeze spray”. I told her I just want something that will freeze the hair in place and she assured me that was a good product to use. After purchasing it, I couldn’t believe the result. I tried it on a the bangs of a uniquely cut crop and it didn’t move at all. I couldn’t believe how strong the product was. I attempted to move the hair out of place multiple times but it just went back to its original position that I initially sprayed the hair. If you’re looking for a good freeze spray, there is nothing on the market stronger than this product in my opinion. I usually use a light hold hair spray when blowdrying the hair to showcase texture and create a messy style but this product is great for freezing the hair into place.

Matte Pomades

Matte pomades are my favorite when styling mens hair. Below are a few of my favorite light to medium hold matte pomades that I use at the barbershop. I not really a fan of using strong hold products because I like to be able to move my hair and restyle through out the day if I want. I hate the feeling of my hair rock hard and not being able to move it. I take about a dime size of product and apply it to my hands. You can use more if needed. Make sure to rub the product in your hands to spread it out. This way the first area you touch isn’t over saturated with product.

Campbell’s Lather

I guess you can call me old school but I prefer warm lather from a lather machine. A lot of people like to use gel because it’s clear but it’s so cold. I get that you can see the area you’re working with but to me using a cold product is counter productive. You want warmth to open the pores and soften the hair to make it easier for you to save. Then apply post shave products and or a cold towel to close the pores.

Strand Sea Salt Spray

I first tried this product after purchasing it at a class in Salt Lake City. Diego the Owner of the brand was doing a class at cutthroat barbershop. I loved the class so I thought I would buy some of the product and try it out. I feel in love with it right away. I use it on messy haircuts to showcase texture, add volume, and create grit. I usually use a matte pomade after and piece the hair together to emphasize the messy texture even more. The smell is great, my clients all love it. I prefer the small travel size so I can carry it on the plane. I also just prefer how the smaller bottle sprays opposed to the larger bottle.

Mod Clean

There are lots of different disinfects on the market but I personally prefer Mod clean. I found out about it through Instagram, I think they had an ad or something. So I decided I would try it out because before then I had only used barbicide. After using it, I fell in love with it right away. I travel a lot, so for me its easy to keep it in my bag and not worry about it spilling because its not liquid. I also love the fact that its in pre-measured pod so I don’t have to worry about putting in the correct amount of disinfectant. As many of you know, if your disinfectant to water ratio is off you will either not disinfect your tools properly or it will eat at your tools causing damage to them.

Wahl Clint-Clip

I first used Wahl climi-clip after attending a Wahl class. I was surprised how quickly it cleans and disinfects your clippers. All the other brands I’ve used always took 10+ minutes which is a really long time. Especially when you’re booked back to back with clients all day. It can be tough to fit 10+ minutes between clients without running behind. Wahl Clint-Clip is strictly a disinfect, it is not a five in one formula product like Clippercide. Make sure to wipe off the Wahl clint-clip after 2 minutes because it is strong stuff. I left it on my shear for a few days and saw that it was eating at the metal.

Lucky Tiger Vanishing cream

I was introduced to this product when I first started barber school in 2012. I used it on myself after irritating my skin with a straight razor and then the following day all the redness and irritation was gone. After that, I continued to use it on myself as well as my clients as a post shave treatment.

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