Offset Grip VS. Opposing Grip

Offset Grip VS. Opposing Grip

There are lots of different types of shears on the market. One way a shear can differ from another is the way the handle is made. There is no “best” handle set when it comes to shears. It’s all about what feels comfortable in your hand and what your preference is. I personally prefer a offset grip that is more weighted in the handle than the blade with a exaggerated spoon tang and bent (anatomic) thumb hole. But there is lots of different variations of opposing (level set) and offset grips such as semi offset, offset, crane, extended crane, butterfly, swivel, etc. There is also multiple types of thumb holes such as standard, cutaway, anatomic, rotating, etc. When it comes to opposing (level set) handles, the finger and thumb holes are in alignment. For some barber and stylists this is uncomfortable because the thumb is forced back slightly. When it comes to a Offset grip, the thumb hole is shorter then the finger hole. How short the thumb hole is compared to the finger hole depends if it is a semi offset, offset, crane, extended crane, etc. Offset grips are definitely more popular over the opposing grips because your thumb fits a little bit more comfortably in the thumb hole. If you have any questions feel free to DM me. Also keep in mind that these terms may be called something different to someone else. A lot of people like to use different terminology but we are all talking about the same thing. I hope y’all enjoy!

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