Giving Yourself A Quarantine Haircut

Whats up y’all, how is everyones quarantine been going? I’m sure many of you have been looking ROUGH, because I know I am. It’s been over a month without a haircut and I don’t trust myself doing my own haircut or beard line up. Cutting a client at the barbershop and cutting myself are two different things haha.

The governor in Utah announced that May 1st barbershops would reopen so I got excited! Finally I could get my beard lined up! But then I read the rules and regulations. It turns out we cannot preform beard services because both barbers and clients have to wear a mask at all times.

So I decided I might as well start trying to do it myself. I’ve lined it up my beard two times so far. I obviously need more practice but I’m getting better each time I do it. Below is a video I made when attempted to line up my beard at home the second time. I thought it might help some of y’all since most people aren’t the best are trimming their own beard. If you have any questions or comments you can shoot me a DM on instagram (@tyler_kelbert).

Click Here To Check Out Some Of The Tools I Used

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