Shaving Left Handed

Shaving Left Handed

I was recently teaching a shaving class to prep a new group of cosmetology students for the state board test. One of the students in the class was left handed so I decided to go on google and look for a left handed diagram to print out for her but I couldn’t find one. All I saw was right handed shaving diagrams. So I decided to make one myself. I thought I would share it on Instagram because I’m sure there are some left handed students that probably follow me. I hope you enjoy! 

14 Shaving Strokes

1. Freehand 
2. Backhand
3. Freehand 
4. Freehand
5. Reverse Freehand
6. Backhand 
7. Backhand 
8. Freehand
9. Backhand 
10. Reverse Freehand 
11. Freehand 
12. Freehand or Backhand
13. Reverse Freehand 
14. Reverse Freehand
(Side Note: This is how you shave for your test but in real life you won’t shave exactly like this.)

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