Why Shear Posture is so Important and How You Can Fix It

Why Shear Posture is so Important and How You Can Fix It

Shear posture is something I didn’t really think was important when I was in school back in 2012. I didn’t think much of it, I was more interested in my clippers and how to fade. I didn’t realize the importance of it till later in 2016. I noticed my hands would start to hurt during the day and that other barbers weren’t holding their shears the same way as me. I realized if this is something, I want to do for the rest of my life I need to make sure I’m holding my tools properly. I have a few friends that have had problems with their hands, muscles, and joints. I didn’t want to be one of those people, so I started asking educators at classes and fellow friends the best ways to hold your shears. I have put some still images of shear posture techniques that I have learned over the last few year below. As well as some bad examples of shear posture that I use to do. I hope this helps you, it has helped me out a ton.

The Correct Way To Shear Over Comb

This first two images are demonstrations of how I open and close my shears when preforming my shear over comb technique. It is important to keep your still blade still when conducting this technique.

The Wrong Way To Shear Over Comb

These next two images are how I use to hold my shear. A lot of people refer to this as a “chomping” motion. Both blades of the shear are moving and when preforming this motion. Which causes you to over work your hand and potentially cause problems to your hand over time.

Cutting The Hair On Top

The next two techniques I use when cutting the hair on top of the head. I’ve noticed since I have started doing these two techniques that I haven’t had any strain on my hands, muscles or joints.

The Wrong Way to Cut The Hair On Top

Below are two images of how I use to cut the hair on the top of the head. When I did this, I use to have so much pain in my wrist. I use to have to take breaks when cutting the hair on top of the head because it hurt so bad.

Palm To Palm Cutting

The last two images show how I hold my shear when I cut palm to palm. I noticed when working with vertical sections, I didn’t strain my wrist. Ever since then, I have not gone back to my old ways lol.

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