What are the different parts of your shear?

What are the different parts of your shear?

When I was in barber school there was a lot in my barber book that I didn’t pay attention to. I remembered what I needed for the test, took it, passed it and forgot the information after. I just wanted to cut hair and get my license. But later in my career I realized how important the information in my school book was. Recently I have had to read my school book again because I’m now a cosmetology student. This time I’ve definitely been paying more attention to all of the chapters. One of the chapters that stands out to me is the chapter on tools because Im a huge geek when it comes to tools. Below is an image I made breaking down the parts of a shear as well as terms and definitions. I hope you enjoy!

Tang / Finger Rest – The area that you rest your pinky finger. Some tangs are removable depending on the shear. There is also shears that are made with no tang.

Ring Finger Hole – The hole where you insert your ring finger while cutting hair.

Thumb Hole – The hole where you insert your thumb while cutting hair.

Bumper / Silencer / Stopper – A Stopper is a plastic or rubber piece attached to the thumb hole. It prevents the thumb hole and ringer finger hole from metal to metal contact.

Outside Of The Blade – The sides of the blades that is opposite of the inner sides of the blades.

Inside Of The Blade – The sides of the blades that touch each other when the shears are closed.

Back – The thickest part of the blade, opposite of the cutting edge.

Cutting Edge – The area of the blade that cuts the hair.

Ride – The ride is a smooth shiny line along the edge of the inside of the blade.

Shank – The area that attaches the finger and thumb holes to the pivot.

Neck – The area that attaches the shank to the finger holes.

Tension Screw / Dial – Holds both of the blades together. Make sure to have the correct tension when cutting. If the tension is too loose the hair will bend. If the tension is too tight you will put strain on the hands and may damage the blades.

Still Blade – The still blade is the shear blade that remains still while cutting hair.

Moving Blade – The moving blade is the shear blade that continuously moves while cutting hair.

Tip / Point – The tip or point is the end of the blade. Rounded tips are the safest for you and your client.

Finger Inserts – Plastic or rubber ring that fits inside both the ring finger hole and thumb hole. It is a way to customize the size of the hole to fit a smaller ring finger and thumb.

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