Why should I use neck strips?

Why should I use Neck Strips?

Neck strips are used to created separation from the clients skin and the haircutting cape. This way you can use the cape on multiple clients. You dispose of them the neck strip after use so that you do not spread germs to the next client. Some salons I see use towels which works as well but it definitely gives you more laundry to do at the end of the day. Due to Covid 19 most barbershops and salons are using a different haircutting cape for each client to ensure that if a client has covid 19 it is not spread through the haircutting cape to the next client.

Hold and Touch Neck Strips

Hold and Touch neck strips are a little thicker then your standard sanex neck strips that you see at Sallys and other stores. They also are water resistant and have adhesive on each strip so you can use them for other services such as makeup or facials.

Sanex Neck Strips

Sanek neck strips are probably the one you see most often because its sold pretty much everywhere and its cheap. Its not as thick as the hold and touch neck strips, doesn’t include adhesive, and isn’t water resistant but it can definitely gets the job done.


Towels works great great as well but like I said before it will add to your load of laundry you have to do each night. Which is definitely the cheapest option if you have a washer and dryer because you don’t have to keep purchasing neck strips. But it definitely can be time consuming staying late at the shop every night washing, drying and folding them.

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